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Non-Valved Resonated with Cerakote Black Oval Trims

8 961,00 zł

Cast Downpipe z Decat i usunięcie GPF/OPF - pasuje to Milltek Sport Cat Back tylko (wymaga Stage 2 ECU Remap)

3 578,00 zł

Full System with HJS 200CPSI Sports Cat & Titanium GT-100 Trims (Requires Stage 2 ECU Software)

14 959,00 zł

Cat Back Non-Resonated Race with Burnt Titanium GT-90 Trims

11 041,00 zł

Golf R-style 3-inch Race System with Black Trims. Requires Golf R rear bumper and valance.

5 493,00 zł

Resonated with Twin Jet Tailpipes. For pre-facelift models.

3 645,00 zł

GPF Back Resonated z Poczwórne okrągłe Burnt Titanium końcówki - zatwierdzenie EC

15 094,00 zł

GPF/OPF Back Non-Resonated (głośniejszy) z Burnt Titanium GT-90 końcówka

3 268,00 zł

Cat Back Non-Resonated z tytanowym wykończeniem

11 777,00 zł

Must be fitted with the Milltek Sport cat-back system and requires a Stage 2 ECU remap

13 523,00 zł
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