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This will lower your car by 30-35 mm (for OEM suspension factory lowered -20mm), for other 30-35mm) For Multi Link rear suspension

3 687,00 zł

This will lower your car by 5-10 mm in order to preserve the wheel travel needed to keep the usability of the standard car.

3 552,00 zł

High-performing cold-air induction systems for the Golf 6 GTI, Scirocco GT and Audi A3 with 2.0 TSI engines.

1 685,00 zł

Cool, sharp and positive changes are guaranteed from our replacement DSG blades for Audi S3 A3 8V Leon 5F DSG Gearshift Paddles Silver VWR493001. The new billet aluminium blades, which unlike cheaper alternatives, completely replace the standard paddles. Look great, feel great with precision shifting.TITANIUM SILVERVWR493001Sophisticated liquid...

1 083,00 zł

For the 2.0 TFSI ‘KO4’ engines in the Leon 1P II Cupra R, our range of high-flowing Trifoam cold-air intakes are an essential upgrade. In our testing, our intakes give the highest airflow and greatest power gains.

2 564,00 zł

The Billet Oil Cap is beautifully over-engineered in customary RacingLine fashion to give an exquisite feel and appearance every time you top up your oil. The internally-sprung mechanism in the cap provides an effortless, yet incredibly satisfying “click” when screwed into place. Never again will you worry whether your oil cap was fully tightened.

468,00 zł

Lightweight front suspension upgrade kit to control and optimize the suspension geometry and transform driver feedback.

3 137,00 zł

Maybe not one of the most visible or exciting-looking modifications, but for those in the know, the RacingLine Engine Mounts are an essential upgrade for any hard-driven or high-powered car. Our complete re-engineered engine mounts are full replacements, not just simple push-in inserts. Race-proven to stand up to the harshest punishment.

1 076,00 zł

This will lower your car by 30-35 mm (for OEM suspension factory lowered -20mm), for other 30-35mm) For Multi Link rear suspension

1 320,00 zł

Simply the most sophisticated induction system for the latest Golf 7, Seat Leon 5F Cupra, Audi A3 S3 8V, TT/TTS MQB with 2.0 or 1.8 TSI engines. Hand built in the UK to OEM standards of materials, workmanship and detailing. But more importantly, the giant Trifoam filter doubles the standard surface area to give airflow for 600hp and beyond.

858,00 zł

Tired of staring at that cheap, brittle plastic oil filter housing every time you lift your bonnet? Us too, and that's why we've come up with our beautiful billet Oil Filter Housing to replace it. You can forget about the problems of cracked plastic housings forevermore.It's made to match OEM dimensions right down to the original factory size hex nut.

507,00 zł
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