RacingLine Front Swaybar (Anti Roll Bar) - Polo GTI VWR41P0GT

New product

The upgraded RacingLine RacingLine Anti Roll Bars

Adjustment holes: 3

1 269,36 zł tax incl.

Adjustment holes: 3

The upgraded VWR RacingLine Anti Roll Bars will stiffen up the cornering response characteristics of your car significantly without compromising ride comfort. This is the best uprated anti-roll bar on the market, featuring light weight, multiple adjustment and ease of fitting.  

The latest revision to the VWR Anti Roll Bars is a new hollow construction.  

This significantly reduces the weight of the bar. 

Additionally, adjustment is 3-point front and rear to allow you to tailor your car more precisely than ever to your needs – from street use to full race.  

On the front bar, a new original equipment clamp is pre-installed with uprated polyurethane bush to greatly ease fitting

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