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Adapter układu dolotowego RacingLine do Audi A3 (8P)

260,00 zł

Adapter układu dolotowego RacingLine do Volkswagena Golf 5 mk5 V

260,00 zł

Adapter układu dolotowego RacingLine do Volkswagena Golf 6 mk6 VI

260,00 zł

Adapter wymagany tylko przy instalacji układu dolotowego VWR12G5GT (GOLF V GTI 200KM K03) do samochodów ze zmieniona turbosprężarką na K04.

199,00 zł

Kit of alloy front control arms and polyurethane Bushings

2 307,00 zł

Lightweight front suspension upgrade kit to control and optimize the suspension geometry and transform driver feedback.

2 979,00 zł

Zamienny filtr tylko do układu dolotowego VWR12G7R600 / R601 Ręcznie produkowany z potrójnej warstwy bawełny filtr zapewnia doskonałą filtracje o wysokiej wydajności.

780,00 zł

Tired of staring at that cheap, brittle plastic oil filter housing every time you lift your bonnet? Us too, and that's why we've come up with our beautiful billet Oil Filter Housing to replace it. You can forget about the problems of cracked plastic housings forevermore.It's made to match OEM dimensions right down to the original factory size hex nut.

449,00 zł

Our replacement billet Coolant Expansion Cap for MQB & A5-platform models is a full replacement for the original plastic part. Keeping that coolant expansion tank sealed is a critical part of your car's cooling system. This replacement cap will ensure that proper pressure is maintained, and never exceeded, especially on high-performance engines

469,00 zł

The Billet Oil Cap is beautifully over-engineered in customary RacingLine fashion to give an exquisite feel and appearance every time you top up your oil. The internally-sprung mechanism in the cap provides an effortless, yet incredibly satisfying “click” when screwed into place. Never again will you worry whether your oil cap was fully tightened.

399,00 zł

This billet aluminium Washer Fluid Cap provides a beautiful complete replacement for your factory blue plastic cap to really smarten up the under bonnet visuals.

419,00 zł

The beautiful quality and durability of our Billet Oil Dipstick makes it a great upgrade from the factory dipstick - as a plastic part exposed to the significant heat of a modified engine, the stock seal has been known to fail. Our dipstick prevents leaks and ensures a truly airtight seal which will keep the engine running smoothly for ever more.

349,00 zł
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